Thank you to Richard White will once again be leading a series of training rides for the Assault on Mt Mitchell this year.

We’re looking for someone to lead the ” B ” versions of the rides each week. I’ll add a note to the posting each week if we have anyone. If not there won’t be a B version unless someone volunteers to lead it.

If you’re undecided about which group: We usually tell riders that if you can go out for 50 miles by yourself on normal terrain around Spartanburg and average 17 mph you’ll probably be ok in the A/B group.

1) The AOMM is Monday, May 14th this year
2) The rides will start (weather permitting) on Saturday, March 3rd and continue every Saturday thru May 5th. That allows for 10 possible rides.
3) We will post each weeks ride plan by Wednesday if possible on our Facebook page. The ride plan will include:
a) Starting time – usually between 8:30-10 am depending on the weather forecast.
b) Start location – most will be in the Landrum / Tryon / Inman / Gowensville area.
c) A RidewithGPS route which includes a cue sheet for those who need one. Most rides will be 60-80 miles.
d) SAG – We will post if we have a SAG and ask that everyone who rides contribute $2-3 for them. If you know of anyone who would like to SAG for us please send us a message on facebook. SAG’s are not guaranteed for any of the rides so please come prepared to be self-sufficient if necessary. That would include equipment to fix flat’s, cell phone, etc….

4) Weather – We usually won’t head to the mountains unless the forecast shows temperatures of at least 50 degrees and low rain possibilities in the area we will be riding. Obviously, these are judgment calls and will be made and posted the day before or no later than 2 hours prior to the ride start time. In general, I try to get the ride in if possible.
5) Routes will be determined weekly and based on where we are in our training, weather, etc…. and suggestions for our routes are always welcome. I try to vary the routes as much as possible but there are only so many mountains in the area. We generally start with the easier climbs and then progressively increase the difficulty with the harder climbs and doing multiple climbs. The mountains we will use are:
a. Hogback (5 miles-1500′)
b. Saluda Grade / Pearson Falls (5 miles – 1500′)
c. Holbert Cove
d. Green River Cove (2.5 miles – 950′)
e. Greenville Watershed (6.5 miles – 1000′)
f. Cabin Creek / Mt Olivet
g. Skyuka / White Oak (4.25 miles – 1800′)

6) We hope to do the Caesars Head ride as we get closer to the AOMM. This ride is around 90-95 miles and 7-8000′ of climbing depending on the route we use.
7) The rides will be what we consider A / B level rides. In general, we will ride at a steady moderate pace between climbs with the climbs at your own pace. We will regroup at the top of climbs before proceeding. If you are unsure about your ability to do a particular ride please contact me before the ride and I’ll try to help you decide. We try to help everyone but if you are obviously having trouble maintaining contact with the group we will recommend you turn back or proceed on your own. There are sometimes sections during a ride where the group tends to string out before regrouping. Please be patient during these sections as we will regroup at the usual spots. If you get behind just stay straight to the regroup point.
8) Try to remember that these are group rides and we often have to adjust to changing circumstances so everything may not happen exactly as planned or as you would like. If you come looking for some training and a fun social atmosphere with friends then you should leave happy and tired at the end of the ride.
9) Helmets required
10) Rear blinkers recommended – this is something being pushed by the Freewheelers for day rides to make us more visible to vehicle drivers.
11) There often is a group of us that heads to a local restaurant for food and beverages after the ride. All are welcome to join us.

Hopefully this covers most of the ride structure. If not, please send any questions to and we will help you out.